“This is the place where you encourage them to live meaningful lives and not brood over what they have done before.” Matron Fadzilah said to the The Star (29/11/2017).


Rumah Solehah is a shelter and home-based care for children and women infected or affected by HIV/AIDS who do not have a home or are abandoned by their families/parents. It was established since 1998 by the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) with the support of the Ministry of Health, to provide healthcare and medical treatment. Aside from that, Rumah Solehah also give support in a holistic care manner consist of psychological, emotional, cognitive, social and moral support. In 2002, Rumah Solehah set up another house specifically for care of orphaned children with HIV/AIDS.


Rumah Solehah gets referrals from all over the country including doctors, welfare homes, Pengasih and the Malaysian Aids Council. Rumah Solehah consist of two houses that give shelter to women and children in Jalan Thaver, Kg Pandan  and Kg Tasek Permai, Ampang respectively.


Rumah Solehah has been lucky enough to receive the love and support from countless organizations, groups and individuals over the years. In 2004, Rumah Solehah received the Tun Dr Hasmah Special Mention Award for excellence in care and support at the grassroots level.

Let’s hope we will continue to do so for many more years to come. #MasihAdaYangSayang

For any enquiries, you can contact them at this numbers:

Rumah Solehah Wanita, Kg Pandan: +603-92821533

Rumah Solehah Kanak-kanak, Ampang: +603-42802173

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