Controlling and containing the virus outbreak


RM Total Raised (27/01/2021)


RM Total Disbursed: Medical Supplies (27/01/2021)


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IMARET is now in effort to mobilise volunteers in areas in need to assist our dedicated front liners, besides providing the much needed medical supplies and equipment. We are also reaching out to the community of families affected by quarantine.

We are now organising a fundraising campaign to aid in this project. In this times of calamity, the most we need is support. 

Help us to help them now.

IMARET Pek Prihatin For B40 Families

With the rising number of cases reported daily, many find themselves short on cash for food as they are quarantined in their homes. It is more pertinent than ever for us look out for our communities in need.

As part of the widely practiced FTTIS (Find-Test-Trace-Isolate-Support) strategy, IMARET is launching our #pekprihatin campaign in support of B40 COVID-positive households in need of our assistances.

With a donation of RM80/pack, you can help us supply these families with:

– TWO weeks worth of dry food
– Essential hygiene items such as masks and hand sanitisers
– Educational leaflets on do’s and don’t during quarantine

Help us to help them.

Charity begins with YOU.

In regards to our national Covid-19 crisis, IMAM has released joint press statements that holds our organisation’s core principles

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COVID-19 in Malaysia


New Cases Today (7:40pm 02/02/2021)


Total Cases (7:40pm 02/02/2021)


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Total Death Recorded (7:40pm 02/02/2021)

Updated from Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

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