IMARET Flood Relief

Giving a hand to those fallen. Discover more about Malaysia’s most common natural disaster and how do we send aid.

Malaysia and its flood season

9% of the area in Malaysia are vulnerable to flood disaster, affecting 22% of its population

People lose their homes and loved ones, and to add oil to the fire, they become more susceptible to water-borne diseases, due to lack of access to proper hygiene during the flood season. Basic needs such as shelter, food, and access to medical aid are very much needed at this time of distress.

About IMARET Flood Relief

We make a living with what we get. We make a life with what we give.

For over 30 years, IMARET has been deploying health professionals to crisis centres to provide medical relief and giving hope to the ones distressed. We have brought in over 40 volunteers in 2019, from various backgrounds to assist in response and recovery. We have served during the downpour in Kelantan, Johor and Terengganu, supplying over 500 relief kits to the victims. Our volunteers have changed lives in unexpected ways, bringing vital help to the affected, medically and non-medically.

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Our project report from 2019

Look back into our previous mission with IMARET Flood Relief

Flood Relief in the news

Through our IMARET Flood Relief projects, we aim to continue providing hope and healing in times of calamity and danger. Join us or chip in a token or two to support our mission. Most of the time, little goes a long way.


Let the pictures speak for us- how far we’ve come.

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