IMARET 4 Rohingya

Reaching the refugees and asylum seekers of Rohingya. Learn about the community and how do we help them.

Who are the Rohingyas?

Rohingya is one of the ethnic minorities of Myanmar, predominantly Muslims living in Rakhine state

In 2014, the minor community evacuated their country, and the exodus has since displaced Rohingyas all over the world, including Malaysia. Living as refugees, the community has long been in dire need of mental and physical support from humanity.


As of Oct 2015, 98,130 
Rohingyas are registered with UNHCR, spreading across the states of Malaysia.

IMARET outreach team has successfully organised regular mobile charity clinic for the Rohingyas since June 2015, which started as a monthly basis. Today, it has expanded its services joined by dentists, optometrists and many other health professionals to deliver dental, eye and vaccination services, besides spreading health awareness to the community.

Our project report from 2019

Look back into our previous missions with IMARET 4 Rohingya.

IMARET 4 Rohingya in the news

IMARET keeps close partnerships with other NGOs to ensure this beneficial project can be inexhaustibly continued to supply the welfare of the Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. Fundraising and donations from the public has also contributed to the growth of our mobile clinics, and has since helped us accommodate the Rohingyas with the right to healthcare services.


Let the pictures speak for us- how far we’ve come.

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