IMARET 4 Orang Asli

Add meaning to the lives of indigenous people in Malaysia. Learn how we bring them closer to health resources and education.

Who are the Orang Asli?

2015 population statistics showed 13.8% of Malaysia are represented by indigenous people.

Indigenous people of Peninsular Malaysia are known as Orang Asli, segregated into 18 subgroups within the Negrito, Senoi and Proto-Malay groups, which represent about 0.7% of the Peninsular. Anak Negeri in Sabah and the Dayaks in Sarawak however, makes up the majority of the population. Nonetheless, living in remote areas in Malaysia ceased their access to basic healthcare needs, and hence raised our concerns which thus brought about IMARET for Orang Asli project.

About IMARET 4 Orang Asli

We aim to provide healthcare services focusing on psychosocial and health education activities to the community.

Since August 2015, IMARET outreach team has deployed healthcare volunteers into the deep Malaysian rainforests to provide medical, dental and eye care. On the other boat, we have also launched and expanded the project to reach the Peribumi communities in Sarawak and continue looking forward to more substantial growth in caring for the indigenous people of Malaysia.

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Our project report from 2019

Look back into our previous missions with IMARET 4 Orang Asli

IMARET 4 Orang Asli in the news

Smart partnerships with the Ministry of Health secures efforts in delivering health needs such as regular vaccination services and antenatal check-ups for both mother and chidlren living distant from modern society. Contributions from the public has made improvements to the delivery of this cause and thus we humbly extend our gratitude.


Let the pictures speak- how far we’ve come

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