IMARET 4 Bajau Laut

We believe distance are not barriers, especially between health, education and people. Find out more about the community of Bajau Laut and our way of making life better for them.

Who are the Bajau Laut?

Bajau Laut, or known as Sea Gypsies, are one of the subgroups of Sama Bajau.

Since the 15th century, they have voyaged freely across the borders of Sulu Zone, hence leaving them scattered across Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, each of them adapting to different lifestyles. In Malaysia, they live in a remote houseboats and spoke languages foreign to the Malaysians. The complexity of gaining citizenship due to their nomad life has left them undocumented and stateless, and this inherited statelessness leaves them excluded from basic protections and rights.

About IMARET 4 Bajau Laut

Since July 2018, IMARET Sabah has started its mobile clinic in Semporna, Sabah.

By laying down the cornerstone of this project, we believe that in the absence of nearby hospitals and schools, ordinary citizens and non-governmental organisations can fill the gap to fulfill the needs of the Bajau community. In total last year, we have conducted 4 missions with over 80 volunteers from medical and non-medical backgrounds, giving out helping hands to the Bajau Laut community.

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Our project report from 2019

Look back into our previous missions with IMARET 4 Bajau Laut

IMARET 4 Bajau Laut in media television

IMARET 4 Bajau Laut is slowly planting its seeds and expanding. We would humbly appreciate donations to help us keep our mobile clinics running its full potential, warranting healthcare to the community in need.


Let the pictures speak for us- how far we’ve come

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