IMAM Youth is a chapter under IMAM which focuses on students and youths in the health-related fields. IMAM Youth comprises of the Student Chapters local and international.

The first activity done under the wing of IMAM Youth was the Medical Symposium 2016 done in Spektr Conference Hall by IMAM Moscow Student Chapter. This programme was done to share to medical students in Moscow, Russia about life as a doctor. Throughout this program, the students received talks about housemanship life, volunteerism, time management, career pathway and many more regarding life as a doctor.

Our members also participated in the FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations) Youth Summer Camp 2017 as delegates from Malaysia. This program was also gathered the health professional students and graduates from over 30 countries countries including Pakistan, North America, Britain, Bosnia, Indonesia, Ghana, South Africa, and others. This one week summer camp was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey in the aim of to unite Islamic medical and allied health science students and focus on global health problems and solutions, robust on solution-oriented information and improving academic, social and cultural relations in future.

On July 2018, IMAM conducted the First IMAM Youth Camp: ‘Reviving Leaders Among Youth’ held at Pusat Komuniti IKRAM Gombak and Kampung Orang Asli, Pos Kuala Mu, Sg Siput, Perak. 40 Malaysian health-related students were participated in this program. The speakers were among doctors from IMAM executives committee – Dr Jamali, Dr Azlan, Dr Munawwar, Dr Aneesa and Dr Yusuf, together with invited figures such as Ms Fatiha Shuib (Founder of 1moment4them), Ahmad Muizzuddin (CUCMS Students activist) and Dr Ahmad Mujahid Husni (doctor and musician).

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