IMAM Children and Teens Super Team (IMACATS)

IMAM Children and Teens Super Team also known as IMACATS is an initiative to address children and teen's health issues early and in a fun interactive way.

The Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) is a programme that is exclusively organized by IMACATS .

The aim for this programme is :

  • To expose children to clinic and hospital settings
  • To eradicate white coat syndrome.

Basically in this programme , the child will act as a parent to their respective teddies. They will go through a series of stations where they will experience a role play of a doctor-patient situation. This children-friendly programme will help children have an insight of what they will go through when going to the clinic or hospital. Even they themselves can also be a doctor treating their sick teddies.

TBH is a fun and interactive way for information to be easily comprehend by children through visual and kinesthetic learning and is an excellent platform to help deliver early health education.


Early prevention can save lives; hence, our ultimate aim is to initiate early health education. It is crucial for parents and children to acquire health education in methods that are easily comprehended.

IMACATS aims to empower the younger generation as the change agent to themselves, their peers, siblings, parents and family.

And the IMACATS itself can be a platform for anyone especially those coming from the medical sector who is passionate about the well-being of our children and teenagers to engage themselves in activities and projects that fosters health education among these children and their families. This is the chance for everyone in the medical sector to come forward closer to the community and play their role in enlightening parents about their children's health. At the same time, get a hands on experience in dealing with the children and teens.

Any inquiries please contact us through : [email protected]

Be updated with their latest activities and who knows you might get a chance to join the Teddy Bear Hospital.


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