What We Do

Annual Scientific COnference

A site for sharing recent advancements on the latest health information among distinguished speakers from all over Malaysia and abroad. An event never to miss.

Medical Relief

Lifting up the burden of those in need. Delivering rights to healthcare services and bringing medical services closer to distant areas. Work with our team of volunteers and be a part of our mobile clinics and wonderful missions.

Children Education

Cultivate the minds of our young ones with basic medical knowledge, and familiarize our children with clinical settings to help them get through white-coat anxieties. Learn more about our initiative for children.

youth Empowerment

A platform for youths to voice out their brilliance and polish their social and soft skills, ensuring a better future everyday. Discover more about our programs, made by youths, for youths.

HIV/AIDS Shelter

Providing safe shelters for the mothers and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Let us help to find a home and cater your journey in discovering life again, or be a part of the help in this cause.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

With our healthcare professionals in mind, we organize our very own Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions, with CPD points available. Click on link to learn more and receive updates on our CMEs. 

public cpr education

We work to spread health knowledge to the public, so we could all help each other as one. Learn more about our programmes or join us in our local events for the public.