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As one of the biggest medical association in Malaysia, we own principles and grounds that we firmly stand upon. Our opinions and view in the health sector are directed to the benefit of mankind consisting of healthcare workers and the society, based on Islamic philosophy. Here, we unveil our previous press statements & joint press statements that are meant for public view.

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07 JAN 2021

 Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) Press Statement [3rd January 2021]


The Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) takes pride with the recent news reporting of the success of the disposable hijab invention created by a young Malaysian doctor, Dr. Farah Shaheera Roslan in the UK. Reference as in the link below,

With the existence of this hijab, it will be easier for Muslim doctors, nurses and paramedics to perform their duties in the operating room or in any other location which requires its special use for sterility or clean state (explained below), especially in countries where the majority of the population are non-Muslims. Nevertheless, we are confident that the Muslim healthcare workers in these countries have been aware of this requirement and have taken appropriate steps based on the advice and views of the authorities in Shariah’s aspects, including NGO partners such as the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA).

Alhamdulillah in our country, wearing of the hijab in the operating room has long been practised with Muslimah-friendly measures that have been taken by the health and hospital management, providing ‘disposable hijab’ or allowing donning of certain hijabs specifically for use in the operating room, ICU and so on with established guidelines. The disposable hijab is also provided for Muslimah patients upon request.

The wearing of the hijab or surgical cap is in the category of CLEAN (not sterile) as stipulated in the guidelines and applicable worldwide. The concept of ‘Hospital Mesra Ibadah’ or Ibadah-friendly Hospitals is also a guide in the system of practice and ethics of use in our hospitals, without affecting infection control rules and medical procedures.

IMAM and its members have also been involved in organizing workshops related to Ibadah-friendly Hospitals and medical fiqh in providing understanding on various worship matters. This is to facilitate the affairs of health practices pertaining to aurat (covering of specific parts of the body), ethics, jurisprudence and related procedures.

IMAM welcomes innovations such as that undertaken by Dr. Farah, as well as other existing innovations, promoting a more muslimah-friendly approach i.e., maternity clothing, tayammum kits, posters and educational videos. There are also guides for Muslim surgeons relating to prayers during surgery if such a situation occurs and is unavoidable.

IMAM would like to congratulate Dr. Farah on her contribution to the ummah and hopefully, we will continue to produce more young creators and scientists who will contribute to the nation, religion, and the community as a whole. This coincides with the hadith of Rasullullah SAW,

“The best person is the one who benefits all human beings” (Hadith narrated by Imam AtTabrani)

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