Dearest most respected friends,
Eid Mubarak, Kul Am Wa Antum Bilkhair
Alhamdulillah, Eid ul Fitr is upon us.
We take this opportunity to congratulate all those who have gone through Ramadan with Iman and Ihtisaban, May Allah accept.
Many of you will be working over the festive period, we wish you Selamat Bertugas.
If you are driving to balik Kampung, please do take extra care.
It is a good time to reflect on our accomplishments since last Ramadan, as a reminder for us to strive to do better till we meet next Ramadan with God’s will.
Our activities have continued unabated especially with our relief missions for the Rohingya to Cox Bazaar in Bangladesh. Our current team is facing a bit of difficulties at present due to the persistent monsoon like conditions. If it is difficult for us, imagine how terrible it must be for the refugees with their tents being blown away and water gushing down the slopes into their rickety shelters.
We also run clinics for local Rohingya communites in Malaysia every two weeks in Klang Valley and monthly in Kelantan and Penang.
Our commitment to the HIV affected mothers and children continues in Rumah Solehah.
Our care for kids and teens is under out IMACATS program where we run our popular Teddy Bear Hospital.
We continue to serve the orang asal by organising nearly every month, visits by 4WD to the deepest of their settlements together with our dental colleagues from Islamic Dental association Malaysia (IDAM).
The Ibadah friendly Hospital project is ongoing with the cooperation of KKM and Hospital Islam Kg Baru.
This year we will be organising our Annual Scientific conference in Shah Alam from 27th to 30th September. Do join us.
Better still register now at
We will be having our first ever local IMAM Youth Camp in July this year.
These are a sample of how your society contributes to making Malaysia Baharu and the world a kinder place.
In essence, there are ample avenues for us to contribute to the betterment of the ummah and this world.
To all those who have contributed, volunteered and been with us on this continuing incredible journey we ask Allah to reward you abundantly this Eid.
In ending, this eid, do please spare a thought and a prayer for all those who have been forced to leave their homes and lands for no reason of their own.
Dr Jeffrey Abu Hassan
On behalf of the EXCO IMAM 2016-2018

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