KUALA LUMPUR, August 3rd – Today marked a milestone for Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia(IMAM). An MOU has been signed between IMAM, Mediwealth Consultancy and Tradewinds, which was held at AIA Mall Kuala Lumpur.

This MOU officiates the shariah compliance medical indemnity takaful for health professionals called Avicenna Medical Practitioners Indemnity (API).

IMAM was represented by Deputy President Dr Jamali (Consultant O&G), Dr Azlan Helmy Abd Samat (Gen Secretary), Dr Ahmad Yusuf Yahaya(Treasurer) and Dr Munawwar Helmi (EXCO).

Mediwealth was represented by Managing Director ;En Hamzah Kammapu, CEO Pn Alfa Abdullah, CFO Pn Roza .

Tradewinds hosted the MOU and was represented by CEO En Shaari and team En Jaafar and Pn Zarina.

IMAM members are encouraged to subscribe API and enjoy the benefits that will be announced soon.

Insyaallah, official launching of API will take place at Regency Hotel Perlis in conjunction with IMAM Annual Scientific Conference on the 30th September 2017.

With regards to PI coverage.

Below is the link to terms and information for the PI and its’ form.


Download the form here

The filled form can be scan n email to


And cc to


Any enquiries, pls contact

Pn Rozaleena: 0122975720
Cik Anis: +60 17 300 4981
En Jaafar: 60192698247
Pn Zarina: 012 258 6889

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